Top Rated Fat Burners Include Caffeine For Thermogenic Weight Loss

Top rated fat burners usually include some caffeine based herbs because of their thermogenic weight loss properties. However, even though caffeine containing substances such as coffee, tea and others are sometimes used as stimulants to overcome the toxic effects of sedative drug poisoning, they can overly stimulate the adrenal glands and rob the body of its reserves.


It is considered bitter and spicy. Guarana comes from South America and consists of 2.5 to 5% caffeine. Some people believe the health benefits come from the high levels

of caffeine.

It consists of the following two properties:

1. Stimulant

2. Astringent

Guarana Is a natural rich source of rainforest guaranine, and for some they consider it a solution for the long, slow endurance energy they desire. They prefer using guarana rather than coffee, with its heated hydrocarbons that some consider a health risk.

Its chemical makeup makes it perfect to be added to thermogenic formulas,

since it contains ingredients like caffeine and natural theophylline. The strong

caffeine qualities is considered to be the key source for this stimulant. It has been known to enhance and stimulate the metabolism and assist the body in the fat burning process.

Guarana may be found in thermogenic supplements by itself or blended with other minerals like chromium and potassium and with other thermogenic herbs.


It is considered bitter and spicy. Green tea and guarana have something in common, and that is caffeine, plus theophylline. “Green tea is also rich in flavonoid compounds which have a great amount of antioxidant properties. Since it is a stimulant, it does affect the central nervous system.

Teas produced worldwide are usually placed into two classifications:

Black tea, which is consumed more in Western nations, and in the Far East, especially Japan and China, green tea is more predominate.

Green tea is preferred for its overall health benefits.

Green tea provides additional healthy benefits over black tea as it contains larger amounts of healthy substances like vitamins including twice the vitamin C as black tea.

Additional benefits have been discovered over the years, Some studies indicate that green tea may reduce the risk of some forms of human cancer and that it may stabilize blood lipids.

Green tea is a very popular thermogenic herb and is used in many thermogenic supplements, not only for its caffeine and stimulate properties, but also for its health benefits.

It is believed that green tea extract my stimulate the burning of fat and help stabilize blood sugar, which in turn can help curb abnormal food cravings and hunger. There is a possibility that green tea may even prevent absorption dietary fat through the walls of the gastrointestinal tract.”

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