Steroids And Effect Of False Advertising For Muscle Magazines

the sports and exercise that I have tried in the past, the one that came naturally was weight lifting.

When you first step into a gym, the first thought that anyone has is that all eyes are on you and that someone is sure to see you make a mistake. You look around at all the Huge muscles and tight bodies and assure yourself that you will look like that someday. But how far will you go to get there?

Bodybuilder’s are some of the most intensely trained individuals. Pumping iron day after day, shoveling 5 or 6000 calories a day in their bodies, pushing themselves to the absolute limit of human endurance. But sometimes it’s not enough, they want more. To be bigger, to be stronger, and regular sports supplements just won’t do the trick.

Some bodybuilder’s have admitted to using one form of anabolic steroid, but then again it’s all part of the sport. All bodybuilder’s compete for the same prize in some fashion. Those same bodybuilder’s are plastered all over muscle magazines to promote anything from Amino acids to protein and weight gainer. Some of the most popular sports supplements include creatine, nitric oxide and androstien, designed to produce some of the same results as an anabolic but are not as harmful to the body.

My experience in bodybuilding and weightlifting has been on an non-professional level, yet I have used just about every product imaginable over a period of seven years and my results were great, but not like those who are in competition and endorse all the products that they say are being used by them to achieve the mass and definition they now have. You eventually get some poor soul out there spending all of his hard earned money on weightlifting supplements hoping to gain tremendous amounts of strength and muscle. Why? Because, well, they said it could be done. How unfortunate when the results, while moderately acceptable, are not what was advertised that could be achieved. Even though and individual worked his hardest in the gym.

In a way, you could call it false advertising or promotion of a product that only does very little in the way of helping an individual gain muscle mass. Professional bodybuilders also work out close to six hours a day, but there also has to be a rest period in between and it possibly would be no different than someone who works out 5 days a week close to two hours a day striving for the same results.

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