How to Get Rid of Man Boobs – Ex Personal Trainer Reveals All

Having boobs, chest fat or puffy nipples can be uncomfortable and demoralizing for any man. Being unable to go shirtless on a hot day and having to choose clothes that will conceal the condition can even lead to stress. The following are some tips on how to get rid of man boobs.

Hit the gym and work them out
Get plenty of exercise, especially those workouts that concentrate on building the chest muscles and abs. Do your pushups, weights and cardiovascular routine religiously to give you excellent results. Losing your man breasts through exercise can take some time, but be patient and do what it will take.
One important factor when learning how to get rid of man boobs is:

Constantly observe what you eat
Your man boobs can grow if you have a bad diet. Change your eating habits to reduce junk food and sweets. Eat smaller portions as well because if you lose some weight you will get rid of your man boobs. The catch with changing diet is that you will have to find out what type of dietary routine suits your needs. Simply make sure that you are eating right, no matter how you get there.

Get on a prepackaged man boobs program
You can find one from a little internet research. These programs are designed to show you how to get rid of man boobs in about three weeks to a month. Check out the testimonials given by previous users of such programs and even get in touch with some of them before you purchase the program. It usually consists of intensive exercise routines and diet recommendations.

Consider having liposuction
This can get rid of your man boobs, but consider the cost and risk involved. Liposuction on your chest fat is actual surgery so you will have to be under full anesthesia which can be risky. You will also need to take some time off to heal completely and also get rid of the scars left behind. Again, it may be quite expensive to have the surgery done. If you evaluate all the options and having the procedure done is the best option, go for it.

Get motivated
Your mental attitude towards your man boobs and why you want to get rid of them should drive you to see the desired end. Whether it is an attractive gal that you fear to approach, or some people at school or work that make fun of you, you should turn those feelings into energy and dedication. You will need it to exercise and to get you through the healing process if you chose surgery.

Remember to take stock of your progress and reward yourself for every inch that you lose off your chest and share this information about how to get rid of man boobs to other fellow struggling men.

Scott Pittman is an ex personal trainer who suffered with male breasts for 10 years ever since being a teenager.

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